18 July, 2024

Regional Centre


Achievements of IGNOU Regional Centre, Port Blair (2017-19)

·         Opened New Programme Study Centre - 0212P at ANIIMS, Port Blair for health science related Courses.

·         Second Exam Centre at Port Blair City opened at Kendirya Vidyalaya # 1        (June 2017 onwards)

·         Compound wall constructed at IGNOU land (2000 Sq. Mt.) near AIR Cargo Complex, VIP Road, Port Blair (Rs.23 Lakhs)

·         Activated the MA-Psychology and PG Certificate in Geo-Informatics, Bridge Programme – Certificate in Community Health – for Nurses,  Certificate in First Aid Course.

·         Viva-Voce Examination for MCA, BCA, MA-Psychology, MA-Education, PG Diploma in Pre-Primary Education, Value Education conducted at RC.

·         Assignments Evaluation started at local Learner Support Centres in Inter-Island also.

·         IGNOU has made tie-up with 50 Common Service Centers (CSC) across the A & N Islands to facilitate distance learners cost-effectively.

·         Improved the utilization of 204 Video CDs available at RC Library, by regularly organizing the Saturday Video-Classes at RC.

·          Gyandarshan: Educational  TV Channel - classes  (Monday-Friday) being organized through ANC cable TV network  (at RC, Port Blair also) to watch at residence of students (class- at- home)

·         Over 50 News Paper Articles (of 1000+ words, of 25 x 25 cm: half-page size) published in local English Dailies to create awareness about IGNOU ; More than 200  Press Releases appeared in local English / Hindi News Papers

·         Group-wise & Programme-wise face-to-face Induction Meetings conducted, within limited space  at RC itself.

·         Created Whatsapp Group for all the Exam Centres under the region.              (for speedy communication)

·         Used 50,000 plus SMS in a year, towards Student Support Services

·         The Regional Director/Assistant Regional Director as “Guide’/ ‘Evaluator’ for Project Works

·         Promoted Self-learning skill of learners, by adopting self-explanatory display standees (9), notice boards (9) to disseminate information & guide students

·         The IGNOU charges paid to Exam Centres, being used for upgrading the Learner Support Centres at Colleges / Schools in the region. Instructions given to all Exam Centres in the Region.

·         Provided Computers, and its related items to IGNOU SSC -0206D, Indian Coast Guard Public School, Campbell Bay from IGNOU fee share. (up gradation)




Quality Improvement in Student Support Services (2017-19)

·         Introduced ‘Sunday Class Requirement Register’  at Study Centres as well as RC

·         For offline admission students, their ‘Alternative Address’ has been recorded in data base file.

·         E-mail response(s) given on the same day; Given top priority to phone calls; Know your exam Results over phone  (2- telephone numbers  in all 3-floors of RC)

·         Bulk SMS /  e-mail and individual   Voice call to students (besides regular press-releases) for classes/assignment submission/exam fee/RR/Convocation

·         The off-line mode Selfee-Kiosk  provides Downloaded prospectus, files related to Student Support Services

·         Speaking Notice –Boards  at RC Reception, to locate the items easily

·         Previous Exam Question Papers distributed to students  (at free-of – cost)

·         Guidelines to prepare Assignments, First Page of Assignment and Acknowledgement slip  are supplied to students

·         Same Day Services: Website Grade Card attestation, Migration Certificate, Course Completion Certificate, Duplicate Identity  Card 

·         The downloaded B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., MBA.,  Special M.Com,  / B.Com Prospectus kept at Regional Centre Library for reference purposes

·         Networked 50 Common Services Centres (all over A & N Islands) to pay Admission / Re-registration / Exam fee

·         Warehouse/Regional Centre kept open on Sundays (during peak seasons)

·         Regional Centre kept open on Saturdays for Video Classes

·         Sent SMS for Placement purposes also

·         Reference Books / Project Report  details given to students through SMS

·         Power Point Presentation of Induction Meeting sent, by e-mail, to Freshers.     (e-Induction Meeting)

·         Student Identity Card carries vital instructions  (6- rubber stamps affixed)

·         ‘To-Do-List’ provided to newly admitted students

·         Opened 16–feet-long Reception Counter, with 3-regular staff, to handle student services at RC

·         Opened Ground Floor Counter for Senior Citizens/Person with Disabilities

 Pick-N-Use readymade formats placed at 3-locations of RC