03 June, 2020

Regional Centre


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IGNOU reaching the unreached, through Website

7 May, 2020

The students who are now away from A&N Islands, are not able to read the Press-Releases appearing in local newspapers, radio, TV, cable. Due to the same, many students are sending emails to IGNOU Regional Centre Port Blair.  To reach all those students, the RC has regularly placed the Press-Releases at its site http://rcportblair.ignou.ac.in. Each email question has been answered through Press-Release at site also. Thus, all 51000 students are advised to visit RC website, before sending any email to RC.  All the assignments submitted to the RC email address have been rejected and deleted, due to poor internet in ANI. Only plastic free hand written assignments shall be accepted at study centres, after lockdown period ends. 

A communication from IGNOU Regional Centre Port Blair said.