07 July, 2020

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IGNOU classes at Tatasky

23 April, 2020

 The Educational TV channel of India -  Gyan Darshan TV - signal carries the classes for students of Indira Gandhi National Open University.  Its signal is now readily available at Tatasky channel # 755.  Students are advised to  daily watch the Gyan Darshan TV and attend the classes regularly. The complete detailed schedule of Gyan Darshan TV is available at www.ignou.ac.in.  It is a 24 x 7 channel, with repeat telecasts, after 12 hours on the same day. Thus, students have a double opportunity to watch the classes, twice in a day, which facilitates strong academic reinforcement. The BA, BCOM, BSC subject-wise classes are also useful for regular college students of JNRM, ANCOL and Mayabunder college.  The GD signal can be made available through cable operators also. Students may contact their local cable operator for the same.